Combining technology, social change and the human experience

We're bombarded by new information and triggers to make change constantly everyday. Yet many times, we end up struggling to understand the technologies we have created.

MuddLab has helped organizations bridge the gap between technologies and design; providing consultancy services to technology startups, government agencies and research institutions alike.

Honing years of craftmanship in data analytics, computer graphics, rapid development and user experience design, MuddLab aims to elevate our human instinct - the intuition to understand the things around us.

From smart homes to smart buildings

We've created solutions that enabled smart automation processes, which added that extra little comfort to homes, as well as huge space and energy usage optimizations to buildings where we live and work - all made possible with advancements in understanding large streams of collected data.

To contributing to decisions made by the Smart City

We've also contributed to numerous projects which aided data analytics undertaken by our nation. In fact, we've created a sister company solely focused on driving smart cities. Read more about Datavis here